Having grown up in 2 countries and 2 continents has helped me forge a unique visual palate. By juxtaposing the best elements and flavors of both the Japanese and American lifestyles into a blend of balance and beauty, expressing the very best of both cultures. I was born in Japan, but have spent the past 15 years living and working in Southern California.
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I have been fortunate to work with many of the top wedding photographers throughout my career, allowing me to continuously broaden my artistic horizons. My photography skill is very expansive and diverse, spanning the gamut from fashion to travel. I have a particular passion for capturing the spontaneous and beautiful moments that only the romance of a wedding can create. Documenting the subtleties of these tender moments with a glass lens of a camera, capturing the pure and simple essence of the shared moments is more exhilarating and rewarding for me ... than if the actual ceremony was my very own!.

As everyone knows, a wedding is really for the bride. Being a woman, there is a special emotional bond with a wedding ceremony. The entire presentation down to the finest detail, is especially savored by women and captured for all eternity. I focus on the subtleties that are normally overlooked, the fabrics, the textures, and the little things most people don't notice, visually capturing the complete and total essence of this most special occasion.

- amy shiotani