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These are some of the testimonials received. I have highlighted some lines for the quick view.
Hi Amy,
Thank you  for your response and for all the helpful information. The wedding photos are
gorgeous.  I will try to order soon. The most difficult part is to make the selections!  You have provided many beautiful choices!
Thank you for the beautiful work you did.  I know Gwen & Ulises will be delighted when they see the photos.
Best regards,
Clella Ballantyne Rose
(mother of the bride)

This is amazing, thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much. These are memories
that will last me a lifetime, you did such an amazing job.

Lots of Love,

Watch her slide show
: click here

We love Amy's creative photojournalistic style of wedding photography.  Her calm and easy-going personality also made the actual wedding day less stressful. We were very pleased with how our wedding photos turned out and absolutely love the flush wedding album she designed. It is something we can share with our family, children, and grandchildren for years to come.  Thanks Amy for truly capturing our best moments and making it timeless

Regina & Steve Suhadi
Thanks Amy!
They are beautiful!  Thanks so much!
Dear Amy,
The pictures came out
fantastic! You truly know how to catch the moment. We appreciate the time and effort that you put into this album.
- Allison & Tom
Thank you very much for the
quick upload of the photos. I personally think that you did an awesome job on saturday. I think the pictures turn out to be very good. Bottom line, I like them a lot.
Thank you again for your time on saturday and for the
quick upload so that we can view them. Thanx again and we will keep in touch...........
- dwi and faye
Hi Amy,
Yes, I did receive the album in the office today and was just about to email you.
Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I already went around the office to show it to my co-workers and they all love it too. Don't be surprised if you get a call from a few of them...=)
Thank you so much for your
hard work designing this beautiful album for us.   Btw, I cannot wait to see how the pictures from Andora/Dat & Faye/Dwi's wedding. Are they available to view on-line? Would I be able to get in it to view?
Hi Amy,
pictures are just fabulous!
Absolutely love them. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts
- Fitri & Frank
"Amy's extensive experience and detailed-driven creativity, make her the perfect choice in a wedding photographer. Using a keen eye, her vibrant images gracefully capture the intimacy of the occasion."
- Bradley Hebdon
Dear Amy,
amazing work you do!  I wish I could get married again and have you do this for me!  What a keepsake!  You are so talented at capturing the moments in such a pleasing and artistic way!  You are a very gifted photographer! I am so grad that they picked Amy Shiotani Photography team!!!
- KC
I saw Faye & Dwi's wedding photos...they're so beautiful!...I can totally picture the photos in In Style weddings or bridal magazines...=) I think they will have a hard time choosing the photos for the album....=)
Take care,
WOW...amazing video.  Great job.  It all came together quite well.  The music, the coloration, the pace, the style.  Bellisima!!
Hey Amy,
I got the album this afternoon. Thanks a lot!! It is
extremely pretty and awesome. Thanks for your great work and it exceeded my expectation.
Thanks again.
Thank you for your work.
Very inspiring!!!
truly beautiful the way you capture us, objects, moments & the whole event.
You have a
distinct style! - Laura
I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Can't thank you enough. These are great pictures. I'm so
happy it was you who captured these moments.
Sheila & Michael
Great photos, Amy.  You really know how to capture the spirit. You are a fabulous photographer!  Your photography always makes me smile and think of brighter days.  I can’t wait to get married just so I can see my own history in the making.
They must have been thrilled with the results!
beaultiful!!! I want you to be the photographer of my marriage too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . - Gulia
Very beautiful amy! You're so good in details. Beautiful work!!!   Very inspirational!!!
- Steve L
Hi Amy,
Sorry, I haven't opened my emails for weeks...
The pictures look really great.
Absolutely love them.
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts
- Fitri & Frank
Nice pictures! You have a great eye and you know what to shoot.
- George T.
Beautiful!!! I love your work. You really captured moments well........ Thank you.
- Suzan T. (Mother of the bride)
We like your design very much, we were so excited for that. It looks different/unique compare with the general album and it's special. Thank you for making the album so special for us.
we like every single page of your design very much. We're telling you from our heart.
Honestly, for us, 30 pages is too little for the wedding album. Is it possible if you could add more pages with the rest of the photo we have, to make it 32 or 34 pages? It's gonna be so great if you could make it, please.
Thank you, Amy. You have a great day today!
Warm regards,
Lanny & Harry  
REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle C.
Thanks.....  I will send this link to my mom that has been asking all these time.  
You did a
great job!!!  i got confused which one to pick & keep laughing in my cubicle. My other co-workers must've think i am a bit crazy today.... :)  
Ciao bella Amy
Thanks so much for these
beautiful breathtaking pictures. You have really chosen the right profession. You really made my day :) I will definitely order some pictures.
Amy, Thank you so much! The pictures look great! My favorite by far is the one of the 2 of us standing and looking at eachother and laughing. Thank you again for all your work!
Happy Holidays!
Courtney (.............this photo is actually on the top of this page, very right side)